The software outsourcing industry is on fire. About one-third of the IT companies prefer outsourcing their software projects and they are pretty much satisfied with their decision. Outsourcing is much more than getting work done at cheaper costs. To unleash the complete potential of software outsourcing, here are seven best practices you must swear by to gain maximum output from your collaboration with third-party software outsourcing vendors.

1. Plan your Outsourcing Blueprint

You should be clear about what you are outsourcing and why you are outsourcing it. By doing this, you will be able to communicate efficiently with third-party agencies. They will understand your objectives well and eventually give you remarkable results.

Remember, not every project can be outsourced. Choose wisely while deciding to outsource any particular project. Analyze whether the outsourcing will be feasible or not, will the process benefit you or prove to be futile one? Such a flood of questions is necessary to come up with a strong decision.
By creating a well-planned outsourcing strategy, you save time, can have good cost estimations, well-defined deadlines, and on top of all, smoother collaboration.

2. Find the Pragmatic Software Outsourcing Partners

Your outsourcing partners should be the one who treats your business propositions as their own. Hunt for someone you can rely on, can share confidential data with, and can discuss things comfortably. By talking, you can find out if the team can align with your goals or not. If you feel the team doesn’t meet your expectations, trust your instinct, and move away.

Always work with the pool of talented individuals who are ready to put in time, efforts, and dedication to produce the desired results. Checking the prior work experiences and case studies is also a smart move.

3.  Arrange for Secured and Productive Communication

After you find the most suitable software outsourcing company, arranging for proper communication and transfer of data becomes crucial. We are living in the era of cyber-crimes, therefore, you cannot be reluctant towards security factors. Know about measures and protocols that are laid down by the company you chose for outsourcing the project. Your information must be extremely safe within their fences. It is even better if you sign up for a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Moreover, you should not struggle while communicating with third-party vendors. Lack of effective communication can be the cause of any unexpected failure. Make sure the language you use is compatible for both the parties and no problem occurs in terms of communication.

4. Follow the Agile Development Methods

The majority of companies opt for the agile development method while outsourcing their software development tasks. This is the most loved method by companies. The reason being the higher success rate which is 28% more as when compared to other methods.

Agile development involves creating, testing, and releasing at every stage of development. The speed and flexibility of the developmental process turn out to be greater by going with this method. This process is convenient for both companies and outsourcing partners. It creates a win-win situation.

5. Choose Commitment over Cost

It is important that your outsourcing strategy must narrow down the expenses but not at the cost of quality. It is easy to find cheap services with degraded quality. Don’t run after that kind of service.

Instead, look up for reliable services that meet your requirements, and ensure quality along with an affordable price. A committed outsourcing team can take your business to newer heights. Don’t under-estimate their role in making or breaking your business.

6. Documentation

A highly under looked yet important task – documentation enables you to keep the track of your project. Document everything right from the commencement of the work. The record must include deliverables, alterations, revisions, upgradations, and other specifications of the project. You can also jot down notes from the meetings, bug submissions, and code remarks. Literally, you can note anything you want but the idea is to keep abreast of how the project proceeded, when, and what all things were done.

7. Exercise a Good Control

No matter how dedicated partners you may find, at the end of the day, it is your project and you need to take the charge of it. Have good control over your outsourcing team and manage everything well by keeping in touch. Leverage tools like Trello and Slack to keep it going smoothly. You don’t need to micromanage the project progress but keep yourself informed of the progress.

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